INTOUCH GRAPHICS is a unique design company that specializes in creating quality, customized tactile maps that meet the needs of the visually impaired, blind, and mobility impaired, as well as those with normal vision. We create and produce tactile maps for university campuses, schools for the blind, museums, hotel lobbies, downtown areas of cities, camps, libraries, and other sites. Our maps can be made to represent outdoor walking routes, campus areas, indoor floor plan layouts, fire exit routes, etc. Read more...

Permanent Tactile Maps

Our permanent installation maps are usually etched in magnesium, but can also be produced in bronze or other materials. They have a high contrast enamel paint and include color features. Labeled in Braille, our maps utilize an easy-to-read tactile-visual symbol system, and have simultaneous large print high-contrast displays. Read more...

Portable Tactile Maps

Our portable tactile maps are designed in swellpaper (encapsulated plastic) and intended for distribution to users/consumers at schools, universities, museums, etc., as needed. They can be as small as 11" X 17", but are more often designed in a larger, collapsible format that allows a comfortable representation of an area, and convenient transport. Read more...

For Mobility Departments

InTouch Graphics offers to design and produce tactile maps for mobility departments at residential and non-residential schools for the blind, agencies for the blind, and any other centers serving blind or deafblind individuals.  Read more...


The California School for the Blind is extremely pleased with the work done by Joe Cioffi and his team from InTouch Graphics in developing both permanent and portable tactile maps of our campus in Fremont , California. The maps are accurate, attractive and accessible to all individuals, due not only to their outstanding tactile qualities but also to their high contrast visual qualities for those with low vision. The maps have added so much beauty as well as functionality to our campus, and also serve to raise community awareness of the need to provide accessible information for blind persons.

Joe and his team has worked collaboratively with our orientation and mobility instructors, consumers, blind staff, and students, to assure the accuracy and usability of the products. They and has achieved a series of maps which are functional, attractive, and meet the needs of all visitors to our campus. These maps serve not only to provide visitors with orientation to our campus, but provide teaching opportunities for our students to access spatial information and learn the importance of the "language of lines." We highly recommend the team from InTouch Graphics and their state of the art products to any who wish to provide accessible maps to their clientele.

Stuart Wittenstein, Ed.D., Superintendent
California School for the Blind

ClickAndGo Wayfinding

A new and fully accessible narrative mapping service, ClickAndGo Wayfinding Maps are modeled after the often-used "directions" of Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and MapQuest. With those services, sighted users make their selections for a starting point and destination from a drop-down menu of landmarks, and then click "GO" for directions. We have taken this information model, compiled additional adaptations that meet the specific needs of the blind and deafblind, and are now able to provide non-sighted travelers with customized "mobility-friendly" walking directions. For more information visit www.clickandgomaps.com.